The Maine Legislature’s Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee has advanced bills to ensure patients have access to telehealth services, allow caregivers to sell plants to patients, and asks for a legislative review of any patient privacy changes made by the Office of Marijuana Policy (OMP), according to a WABI report. Paul McCarrier, a member of the Cannabis Council of Maine, told WABI that the OMP was “working with the community and listening to us.”

He said the agency wants to collaborate “to keep the prices for patients fair and low and to make sure that patients can continue to access that therapeutic cannabis.”

This is the second iteration of the rules authored by the OMP after the first draft was scrapped due to industry outcry. The OMP has created a 17-member workgroup to help streamline licensing and compliance and to align the system more with state law, the site wrote in their report.

McCarrier said he appreciates the work the legislature has done to recognize medical cannabis and said the OPM will create a digital medical cannabis card similar to other digital forms of identification like insurance cards or other medical cards.

Maine is currently blocking the out-of-state ownership of medical cannabis businesses after a federal judge ruled the state had to begin granting cannabis licenses to out-of-state owners. Maine officials agreed to permit out-of-state owners for adult-use licenses, but have continued to block the cohort from their medical cannabis system.