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A Customized Banking and Payment Processing System for Your CBD or Cannabis Business

Your system can grow with your business. Monarch is banking and payment process solution for the cannabis industry. One reason why many cannabis businesses fail isn’t due to a lack of business acumen, but rather, a failure to keep up with the compliance regulations governing the industry.

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CBD, Hemp & Cannabis Banking Solution

Growth Explosion has erupted in the Hemp space. A high degree of opportunity exists in this industry. The banking system is extremely slow to adopt. The Monarch platform will assist these banks in building deposits by allowing fully licensed Hemp/CBD farmers, growers, supply chain, distribution, wholesale, manufacturing and dispensary initiatives to open DDA accounts for legitimate business and cash management services.


Multi-State Compliance

Many state and federally chartered financial institutions are now just starting to put process and policy in place for boarding certain sectors of the Hemp industry. After talking to over a dozen banks in multiple states, it is clear that the need for a central underwriting, compliance and on-boarding platform is welcomed. Currently these banks and credit unions don’t have the required platform in place to handle the needs of the Hemp industry. The Monarch platform seeks to provide the needed solutions for these banks to be able to board these merchants in an easy to use, compliant and scalable fashion.

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Monarch Professional

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With dozens of schools, colleges, and universities entering the realm of cannabis education, the Excelsior College Graduate Certificate

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