Technologies, Inc.

Monarch Technologies, Inc. is a fully licensed Money Transmittal Service Provider. Currently, we are operating as a Fintech services provider for the legitimate Cannabis industry, serving businesses, governmental compliance entities, and consumers. We’ve developed a proprietary business banking compliance platform called Monarch. Monarch was built after years of industry research from client frustration and misunderstanding of how to handle compliance, taxation, and payments in the TCH/CBD industry. After analyzing and diagnosing the banking industry and practices, we identified the need to solve these issues with a compliance-driven SaaS platform.

The intention being to reduce the risks involved for THC/CBD business owners as well as for financial institutions to successfully underwrite, on-board and provide continued compliance and taxation services to farmers, growers, supply chain, distribution, wholesale, manufacturing and dispensary initiatives.

Our Founders

Christian Fea
Christian FeaCEO & Co-Founder
Responsible for planning, creating, implementing, optimizing and integrating the strategic vision of Monarch Technologies, Inc. Christian is tasked with ensuring that the organization’s leadership. To maintain a constant awareness of both the external and internal competitive landscape, opportunities for expansion, customer base, markets, new industry developments and standards while reporting directly to the board of directors on current and future conditions.