Technologies, Inc.

Monarch Technologies, Inc. is a fully licensed Money Transmittal Service Provider. Currently, we are operating as a Fintech services provider for the legitimate Hemp industry, serving businesses, governmental compliance entities, and consumers. We’ve developed a proprietary business banking compliance platform called Monarch. Monarch was built after years of industry research from client frustration and misunderstanding of how to handle compliance, taxation, and payments in the Hemp/CBD industry. After analyzing and diagnosing the banking industry and practices, we identified the need to solve these issues with a compliance-driven SaaS platform.

The intention being to reduce the risks involved for Hemp/CBD business owners as well as for financial institutions to successfully underwrite, on-board and provide continued compliance and taxation services to farmers, growers, supply chain, distribution, wholesale, manufacturing and dispensary initiatives.

Our Founders

Christian Fea
Christian FeaCEO & Co-Founder
Responsible for planning, creating, implementing, optimizing and integrating the strategic vision of Monarch Technologies, Inc. Christian is tasked with ensuring that the organization’s leadership. To maintain a constant awareness of both the external and internal competitive landscape, opportunities for expansion, customer base, markets, new industry developments and standards while reporting directly to the board of directors on current and future conditions.
Jack Brennan Robinson
Jack Brennan RobinsonCo-Founder
Jack studied Business Management at California Lutheran University School of Business. He has 16 years experience in Investment Banking and Lending. Jack has been an active capital investor and has personally funded three start ups including Monarch Technologies, his latest venture.

There is a real need to bring compliance and banking to the cannabis industry and Jack believes Monarch will be one of the companies to lead the way in this heavily regulated industry.

Our Advisory Board

Crystal Relinski
Crystal RelinskiProviding Trusted Financial Guidance, Taxation Planning, and Growth Opportunities for Companies in the Cannabis Industry
Defined by her core values of integrity, honesty, and family, CRYSTAL RELINSKI holds herself to the highest standards of personal accountability. She is an immersive, hands-on leader with a penchant for business development and strong financial acumen necessary for sound business decision making and driving bottom-line growth. Blending entrepreneurial flair with practical corporate experience, she brings a winning attitude, versatility, and an unshakable work ethic to CANETHICS, a company she co-founded and with Amit Chandel, CPA, and is poised to help clients capitalize on the immense potential of the rapidly growing cannabis industry.
Amit Channel, CPA, CTS, CTRS
Amit Channel, CPA, CTS, CTRSProviding Trusted Tax Preparation & Tax Resolution, Strategic Tax Planning, and Compliance Assistance for Companies in the Cannabis Industry
AMIT CHANDEL, CPA is the architect of a highly successful financial career with a focus on taxation and compliance. He holds the designations of Certified Tax Planner (CTP), Certified Tax Resolution Specialist (CTRS), and Certified Exit Planner (CExP). His practice, which encompasses all key strategic areas of financial advisory and tax planning, is geared toward helping companies increase their business value, effectively plan for an exit, and legally minimize their annual tax liabilities. As co-founder of CANETHICS, he and partner Crystal Relinski, are poised to help clients capitalize on the immense potential of the rapidly growing cannabis industry.
Mark Noorzai
Mark Noorzai
For more than 20 years, Mark Noorzai has been an executive at several high-tech companies and currently sits on the board of five firms. He has been the CEO at four technology firms and has two decades of experience in international business and technology, mergers and acquisitions He has served as the CEO and Chairman at Casdex, Inc., the world’s first compliance archiving cloud solution; Chairman of DuMonde, Inc., an ERP software company that focused on tax code and HR compliance; CEO and Chairman of LNL Technologies Inc. an opto-electronic and semi-conductor company; and CEO of InQuizit Technologies, a natural language search engine company. Mark studied at Harvard University and has a B.S. in Finance and Marketing from Denver University and an MBA from Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

In his Cannabis Industry career he and his team designed and launched into the market multiple iOS, online and digital products over a period of 2 years. Including MedMen’s entire POS system that is live in over 30 store nationwide.